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Snickers (Just Call Me Snickers)

Snickers joined us the winter of 2013. We hesitated in adding her to our herd, but we are so delighted we did. Although Snickers is young compared to most of our horses, foaled in 2003, she is an “old soul.” She is endlessly patient with the most uncoordinated of beginning riders, yet she can present a challenge to an equestrian

with more experience.

Rain (Sweet Rain)

Rain gives hugs. She is very, very people friendly, and she has a strong desire to please. Foaled on July 2, 2001 she came home to Friendly Horse Acres in February of 2013. Rain promptly developed a following of fans. Although most of her riders

are children, Rain also has an adult following who delight in her amiable personality.


Old is just a word.  Spice is probably in this 30s, but he didn't get the message.  He is smart (tricky) and full of life.  May he go on forever!


Many of our horses have a sketchy past. Bay is one of them. We believe she was foaled in 2000. She appears to be an Arab in breeding. She has been described by an experienced horseman as “an honest horse.” Bay’s emotions and concerns are clear in her expressive eyes, and those eyes asked us to bring her home in early 2013. She wants to be loved, and she enjoys being part of the lessons.

Bosley (S&T Spirit of Shaman)

Ah, yes, Bosley. He is spirited, yet bomb proof. He accepts fireworks, parades and children who pull his tail. If his temperament is a contradiction, so is his coat color. Technically termed a pintalossa he is a mixture. Even his eye color is different. They are a match for any cloudless summer’s day in their bright blue. Bosley is a Class B Miniature horse standing at 37.75 inches. Although small he can pull an adult in a cart, or carry a small child on his back. Born on June 6, 2000, Bosley is a do-it-all kind of guy.


The last of our beloved Exmoor Ponies, Cactus is as hardy as she is beautiful.  In 2021 she had her 33rd birthday.  No cake, but she always appreciates carrots.

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