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Horses and humans healing each other physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Friendly Horse Acres

Under the shadow of Mt. Rainier, in the city limits of Buckley, WA, is Friendly Horse Acres.   The farm has been the home of the Harris family since 1989.  They have had as many as 21 horses on the property.


The animals have ranged in size from the two draft horses to a small herd of Miniature Horses, with representation of "normal" sized horses.  The Harris' are especially proud of our three Exmoor Ponies, representatives of a race of equines left over from the Ice Age.  All horses are welcome at Friendly Horse Acres!


Each horse or pony is loved and respected for its own special personality.  Seeing the world from the horse's perspective is an integral part of the philosophy of Friendly Horse Acres.  Also, as a non-profit organization the Harris family offers everyone, especially at risk youngsters the opportunity to learn about horses.

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